Shelf life

The product shelf life of a product represents the storage length when it keeps the requirements so to make it eligible to be consumed in terms of safety, wholesomeness and quality perceived.

During its commercial life, in fact, a food stuff has to remain safe for consuming, keeping stable nutritional parameters mentioned on the label and keeping an aspect, odour, taste and texture able to satisfy the customer expectations.

So the goal is to control the process of degradation of the food through the monitoring of different chemical, mycrobiological and sensory indicators.

The design of the study protocol must also provide the most suitable timing for surveys and the conservation conditions.

Thanks to the expertise of Neotron’s laboratoty in the analytical services on foodstuff and the expertise of Sen&Ca division in sensory analysis, we can support the customer with the realization of had hoc study protocol and an integrated interpretation of the analytical-sensory data collected.

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