Permeability test

The measurement of the material’s permeability is particularly useful for verification of the compliance with a data sheet, the definition of the material’s quality, the appropriateness of the specific material to the product contained therein in order to maximize the shelf-life.


Permeability measurements are performed on film, trays, bottles, tops and containers in general.

Analytical Techniques

  • Oxygen permeability on film according to ASTM std F2622-8
  • Oxygen permeability on pack according to DIN std 53380-3
  • CO2 permeability on film according to ASTM std F2476-05
  • Steam water permeability according to ASTM std F1249-06


New fungal substances have been signaled for their toxicological action and their presence in foodstuffs. Efforts are considerate and reported as new health risk factors.


NEOTRON has developed specific analytical techniques, applicable on main matrix types, for the detection of some of these substances.

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