The senses drive the consumer choice of products. That is why it is important to know how the product characteristics are expressed in sensory perceptions. Sensory analysis studies, in an objective and scientific way, the information gathered by the senses. In which contexts this analysis can be helpful?



The raw materials used and the production processes adopted, influence the food characteristics. How to choose a raw material, a provider or give assurance of a constant quality production, even in terms of customer experience?


The product shelf life represents the storage length when it keeps the requirements so to make it eligible to be consumed. During its “commercial life”, in fact, a food stuff has to keep an aspect, odour, taste and texture able to satisfy the customer expectations. How does the product change over time from the sensory point of view?

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shelf life


Replacing an ingredient or a change in the production process can be an opportunity for the company, in terms of costs reduction, rather than a need due to new market trends. How do these changes affect sensory perceptions?


Being aware of the products sensory properties of your main competitors, comparing them to those of your product. How is it possible to direct the production choices, the communication or to highlight my distinctiveness?



Knowing and reproduce the sensory characteristics of the market leader during the development phases of a new product, allows you to know, even before its launch on the market, that it will meet the consumer expectations.


Packaging is the barrier between food and the external environment. How do its properties affect changes in product characteristics over time?
How to check the presence of possible organoleptic defect, resulting from food contact with packaging?



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