A quantitative evaluation of the consumers choices and reasons, provides concrete data and statistics to direct your decisions (Quantitative Market Research).
An in-depth interpretation of the product experience allows you to understand the consumers motivations, convictions and attitudes (Qualitative Market Research).



How is it rated compared to its competitors product?
Which is the winning recipe among the prototypes I have made?
How can I improve my products in terms of perceived quality and facilitate its success?

Understanding the market response to the products in test, the reasons for preference or, vice versa, the weak points to work on.


Who is the consumer of this product category? Lifestyle, interests, values, etc.
How does the consumer choose the product (criteria, preferences, etc.)?
How do consumers perceive the current players? What are my strengths and weaknesses vs. competitors?

Decision about which elements in my offer should be confirmed, which ones  improved  and which ones communicated.
Adjust offer and communication to the needs and targets not yet covered.
Decision about what to communicate, to whom and how.



How can I increase my brand’s competitiveness?
Or, how can I re-position it to overcome present difficulties?
Is my product range appropriate? How can I improve/integrate it?

Re-define brand strategy on the market:
Update values
Adjust product range
Address new target groups


Can  the new product I have in mind be successful?  Which are the conditions  for success?
Which mix of product features best meets the client needs?
What price can I sell it for?
Is there something new I can introduce on the market  in order to develop my business?

Define some ideas/concepts to develop new products/services.
Marketing mix set up.



Which is the most effective communication in order motivate to purchase?
How can I improve the most potential solution?
How effective is my current communication?
How can I improve its effectiveness?

Choice of best communication
Instructions to the agency for final implementation
Align the business strategies to emerging trends; management of critical comments (social media)


How can I increase my product purchases at point of sale?
How can I increase effectiveness of point of sale (turn visitors into buyers; increase average value of  the purchase, etc. )?

Communicate or promote my product at point of sale, change the packaging to make it more visible and attractive, etc.
Re-define/Optimize selling procedures.

punto vendita


When and how the consumer use the product?
Why, in case, the consumer has stopped using it?
How can I increase usage opportunities and frequency?

Communicate new usage opportunities
Reformulate the product
Change the packaging


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