Sen&CA is the Neotron department  that, for more than 25 years, carry out sensory analyses and market researches.

Our team consists of senior researchers with many years of experience in quantitative researches, qualitative studies and sensory analyses.

A large group of people (about 30), selected and trained in sensory analysis (trained assessors), is constantly involved in sensory surveys about many product categories.

Having professionals dedicated to finding products directly in sales points over the whole national territory, the tests can be carried out on samples representative of the actual offer available on the market and/or on specific areas the Client is interested in.


25 years in the fields of sensory analysis and market research.



The integration of consumers perception and the objectively detected data, through the sensory analysis and the laboratory chemical and physical analyses, allows to establish the relationships existing between these elements and to interpret the consumer’s tastes in an objective key.


Our logistics department guarantees the best efficiency in storing / moving even of specially delicate foods as fresh or frozen products.
Skilled professionals are in charge of finding products directly in sales points and/or at the Client offices, all over the national territory.



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