Neotron offers a complete chemical analysis service for the safety and quality of the entire agri-food supply chain: finished products, raw materials, packaging.

Neotron has laboratories of over 10,000 m2 organized in a single production unit. Thanks to the concentration of know-how and technology, Neotron guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability of the analytical data, as well as immediate assistance to the customer on any Alert of the Agri-food sector.

For all the samples analysed Neotron provides the complete traceability of the analytical data, starting from the digital photos of the samples being accepted, following the internal steps and the processing steps are automated with the Barcode Scanning system for the complete management of the Sample Tracking.

Neotron has been a reference chemical laboratory for the most important European and global multinational food industries for many years.

Discover our analytic process and quality levels.

Index of accreditations:

Neotron SPA 

Laboratory accredited by Accredia

(ISO/IEC 17025:2017)

Accreditation in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017  standard by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body). Among ACCREDIA and Neotron there is an agreement which can be viewed at the request of the Customer.
The mark or reference to accreditation shall not be used by customers in the documentation concerning a product, unless is included a copy of the test report.
If the client requests may be present during the execution of your test in the laboratory.
A stored sample is kept for two months. The raw data and the chromatographic traces are stored for 5 years.
The list of accredited tests can be provided to the Customers upon request and is available for consultation in Accredia website: www.accredia.it Laboratory N° 0026.

Accreditation number: 0026, Certificate first emission: 14/11/1991 

GMP+ Registered Laboratory Program

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Laboratory recognised as Analyst Member by FOSFA International (Oilseeds section)

Fosfa Membership Certificate 2022 – Neotron

FOSFA Certificate of Competence – NEOTRON

Laboratory certificated by QS Fachgesellschaft for Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes and Feed

QS-Labor für QS Fachgesellschaft Obst-Gemüse-Kartoffeln
QS-Labor für Futtermittel

The QS system is based on a self auditing system that is set up by each system partner for its company. This documentation system is examined regularly in an independent audit by certification bodies which are accredited in accordance with ISO 65 (45011) and accepted by QS. Furthermore this inspection is checked, i.e. the integrity of the entire system is put to the test. Thus, QS has created a credible and coherent system for quality assurance.

QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (Germany)

BNN – Monitoring (Germany) approved Laboratory

BNN – Monitoring (Germany) approved Laboratory for residue monitoring in fruit and vegetables.

Certification n° 401742, first emission 05/05/2008

Laboratory recognised by Campden BRI – Food and Drink Innovation

Certificate of compliance

Scope of Compliance

Certification for the analysis of samples taken during controls in organic farming

Neotron S.p.a. is included in the list of test laboratories by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies

Regional recognition for self-control purposes

Laboratory included in the Regional List of laboratories that perform analyses in the context of self-control procedures of food companiesEmilia Romagna Region, Regional Council, Directorate General for Health and Social Policies, Veterinary Service and Food Hygiene.

N° 008/MO/008 – July 9th 2007

GAFTA Approved Laboratory (UK)

Approved Laboratory under the “Grain and Feed Trade Association Analyst Scheme (GAFTA)” issued by GAFTA – London (UK) for grain and feed stuffs.

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IOC Recognition (International Olive Council)

Analyses laboratory recognised by the IOC – International Olive Council – for the execution of analysis on olive oil.

IOC Recognition

Japanese Health Ministry Authorisation

Registration of Neotron Laboratory for the Japanese Health Ministry

Accreditation to perform PCP (Pentachlorophenol) analysis

Accreditation to perform PCP (Pentachlorophenol) analysis in compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
(July, the 7th, 2008 – Emilia Romagna Region – Italy- communication Reg. PG 2008/175552)

PCP Recognition

Accreditation to perform pesticide residue analysis on vegetables and fruit products intended for the Russian market

(November, the 25, 2008 – Emilia Romagna Region communication Reg. PG 2008/282889)

Russian Recognition

Italian Coeliac Agency ONLUS Authorisation

Authorisation to perform gluten analysis for the Italian Coeliac Agency ONLUS from January 2002

Authorisation by FACE (Federacion de Asociaciones de Celiacos de Espana)

from July 2006

Analyses on products destined to a particular feeding – Authorisation

Authorisation to perform analyses in compliance with the “Italian law” D.P.R. n. 131/1998 (products destined to a particular feeding).

Ministry of Health 25/09/1998

Analyses on medicated feedstuffs – Authorisation

Authorisation to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses in medicated feedstuffs.

Authorisation issued by Ministry of Health in date 18/10/1995;

License to use the drug precursors Ergometri­na, Ergotamina, Safrole and Isosafrole

License issued by Ministry of Health in date 16/03/2022;

Registration of Highly Qualified Public and private Laboratories

Registration, issued by the Italian Research Ministry, in the list of Highly Qualified Public and private Laboratories for the scientific and innovative applied research.

Art. 4 of the 17/02/1982 Italian Law n.46

Authorisation to perform official analyses in oil, issued by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies


Authorisation to perform official analyses in wine, issued by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies


Authorisation to perform anlyses on Beverages in general, Wines, Grape and Wine derivantes, Alcoholic beverages, issued by Brazilian Agriculture Ministry

Authorisation 2021

VLOG Authorisation

VLOG authorised laboratory (no genetic engineering) – German Association that ensures products with this certification to be “Ohne Gentechnik” (no genetic engineering).

Agreement >>

Neotron Pharma

Authorisation GMP (Good manufacturing practice) of Neotron Testing Facility for chemical and physical quality control test

AIFA N° aM – 158/2021

AIFA N° aAMM – 132/2020 with QP

GMP certificate IT/74/H/2022

Certificate of registration FDA (Food and Drugs Administration)

DUNS n° 43-916-5733

Authorisation issued by Ministry of Health for veterinary drugs.


Authorisation issued by Ministry of Health for drugs and psychotropic substances 158/2022

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