The materials in contact with food (FCM) are all materials and articles intended to come into contact with food products, including packaging materials, but also cutlery, plates, processing machines, containers, etc.

The term also includes materials and objects that are in contact with water intended for human consumption but do not cover fixed public or private water supply equipment.

Over the last 30 years, a large amount of food safety materials legislation has been introduced in the EU and the scenario may seem complicated.

Neotron with its tests and complete regulatory support can help you demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

In EU the materials and articles in contact with food are regulated by:

Regulation (EC) n. 1935/2004 establishes the general requirements for all materials in contact with food
Legislation on specific materials concerning few materials and articles listed in the framework regulation
Directives on individual substances or groups of substances used in the manufacture of materials and objects intended for contact with food

But there is also national legislation in Europe for many important classes of materials in contact with food not covered by harmonized European legislation.


Analytical Services

Research activities and collaborations

The emerging problems in ensuring the safety of MMFs and the development of new materials (e.g. active & intelligent or recycled materials) make the search for suitable methods of analysis crucial. Also on this front, Neotron is committed to providing state-of-the-art services with the activity of the R & D department, also proposing itself as an active subject in research projects in both the academic and institutional fields.

Neotron, with its own experts, participates in the working groups of the Italian standardization body (UNI) which concern the development of analytical methods in the field of MMFs.

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