Neotron webinar – Cosmetics stability and formulation actions. PAO and consumer experience. Thursday 11 March – 11am CET 

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The shelf life of cosmetic products is related to the stability of the formula and it is necessary to ensure that new or restyled products meet physical and chemical quality standards until the end of their commercial life. Furthermore, according to the European regulation 1223/2009, a product with a minimum duration of more than 30 months does not need to indicate an expiration date, hence the importance for the manufacturer to verify the stability of the formula and reach this information in a short time.

At the same time, the consumer must be guaranteed regarding a safe usage of the product over time, once opened, without harmful effects.

The purpose of the webinar is to present Neotron approach in accelerated stability tests in order to predict the behavior of the cosmetic formulation and its interaction with the packaging, an overview on the PAO (Period After Opening) from a technical point of view and on its perception by the consumer.


Chair | Pedro Català | Pharmacist, Cosmetologist And Founder Of Twelve Beauty, Professor at University of Siena.

Session 1 | Study case, stability test protocol: data set interpretation and problem solvingSilvia Ferranti, Senior Formulator, teacher of Cosmetic Formulations courses

She will be presenting a tailor made protocol study based on the INCI of the tested cosmetic product with a focus on the stress conditions adopted, the evaluation steps and analytical determinations. The interpretation of the collected data set provides the customer with clear and practical results that support in identifying and correcting possible critical elements of the formulation.

 Session 2 | PAO – Period After Opening approach and rationaleRima Al Sibai Neotron, Cosmetic Specialist

The main scope of the PAO study is the evaluation of the safety of the product in terms of potential microbiological contamination during use. Considering the lack of standardized and officially recognized methods, the aim of the presentation is to show how, beyond the microbiological approach, a tailor-made evaluation of the specific product is necessary, which takes into consideration factors of different nature: the formulation, the type of packaging, the destination and the intended use, the chemical-physical stability of the formulation.

Session 3 | PAO from the CONSUMER point of view – awareness and usage attitude | Mariano Salis, Neotron, Sen&CA Division – Sensory & Consumer Analysis.

Specialists in the sector are aware of the PAO (Period After Opening) concept and its need from a technical and regulatory point of view, but what does the consumer know about this symbol shown on the packaging and what are his attitudes when using the product? A market survey conducted by Sen&CA made it possible to study the vision of the consumer and his behavior in this sense.

 Q&A session 

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