Neotron Award in memory of Dr. Gian Carlo Gatti

Dr. Agnese Razzoli is the winner of the second edition of the NEOTRON S.p.A. Award, established by the company in memory of its founder, Dr. Gian Carlo Gatti and intended for the best Unimore Master’s degree thesis in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

Dr. Agnese Razzoli graduated with 110 cum laude with a thesis, carried out at Kymab Ltd, Cambridge in England, entitled “Developability screening and stability study on Iron homeostasis regulating therapeutical monoclonal antibodies developed by Kymab LTD”. Thesis supervisor Prof. Cecilia Rustichelli of the Department of Life Sciences and company tutor Dr. Luca Badiali, already graduated in CTF at Unimore.

The award ceremony was held on Monday 11 October 2021 in the Aula Magna of the Palazzo del Rettorato (via Università, 4) in Modena in the presence of the CEO of NEOTRON S.p.A. Dr. Andrea Rizzo.

The selection of the theses was entrusted to a scientific committee that assessed the papers taking into account the originality, the completeness of the theme addressed and the methodological accuracy applied to the thesis work.

The degree thesis deals with development and stability studies carried out on monoclonal antibodies with an entirely human sequence, produced by genetic engineering techniques and recombinant DNA, intended for the therapy of haematological disorders, such as beta thalassemia, myelodysplastic syndrome and anemia associated with chronic inflammation. In particular, during the studies, sophisticated chemical-physical assessments were carried out which made it possible to identify the most promising drug candidates and allowed their presentation in a suitable formulation, thus allowing the subsequent transition to pre-clinical and clinical trials.

“I am extremely grateful for the award received, absolutely unexpected. I would like to thank – says Dr. Agnese Razzoli of Unimore – the Department of Life Sciences and the Course of Studies in CTF for the exciting years spent together, Kymab for having made me participate in her innovative and ambitious research, Dr. Rustichelli and dr. Badiali for having followed me with great care, last but not least my family and friends always by my side. ”

Dr. Agnese Razzoli was recently admitted to the Unimore Doctoral School Clinical and Experimental Medicine (CEM).

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