Phosphonic acid in organic products

Studies made by CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and Economics) have showed the presence of ethyl phosphonic acid and / or phosphites based products in technical means permitted in organic farming.
In view of the evidences gained, the sole presence of phosphonic acid, even if in absence of ethyl phosphonic acid, could be index of a utilisation of non-conform “technical means”.
Waiting for a harmonized approach at Community level, some Member States (including Italy), have provided to modify the procedures concerning the verifications made by certifications bodies. In Italy, for instance, it has been published the 5th Revision of the document Accredia RT-16 (Directives for accreditation of Bodies issuing declarations of conformity of organic products and food-stuffs according to EC Regulations n. 834/2007 and following integrations and modifications).
In order to satisfy the provisions of the new Accredia document, it is recommended the determination of phosphonic acid with 0,01 mg/kg limit of quantification (Detection of Fosetyl Aluminium Low Limit) in biological products.
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